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Robert Brym

SOC101Y1 9/12/2012 10:01:00 AM Download lecture slides at : Suicide (book)  -Suicide is the most anti social act possible.  you kill society through yourself  rate of suicide is a function, not of state of mind but of social state  -Woman suffer from twice the rate of eurospenia but men are 3 times more likely to commit suicide rate is highest in non-protestants  -lack of correlation through phsyc. Distress and suicide people are embedded in social relationships but the nature of the social relations causes one in social distress may incline one to commit suicide or not,  -Social solidarity according to Durkheim: a group’s level of social solidarity is determined by the frequency, which its members interact, and the degree to which they share beliefs, values and morals. Suicide rates are lowest at intermediate levels of social solidarity and highest at low and high levels of social solidarity.  Differentiates in diff social groups. Ex protestant groups are individualized and they are more likely to commit suicide  -Shared morality and social values lowers suicide risk  Read about the diff kinds of social solidarity  Egoistic suicide and anomic suicide --- altruistic suicide (for the good of others) (ex. To protect someone you die)  As social solidarity increases so does the suicide rate, as it decreases so does suicide.  Suicide rate is low when there is intermediate social solidarity  Durkheim sees how forms of disorder can be dealt worth through policy makers  To lower suicide and crime in this society would be to create free daycare, it would help to create solidarity and discipline.  Policies that would help deal with issues of interest  Discipline aimed to support human welfare  Explanations of how people behave in social science we test our theories, systematically, not like in science when it’s “ x happened because of y”  Figure – integrar nature – god controls nature, which influences the human being etc.  In all of sharespeare plays something is out of order cause people to act the certain way, (Romeo and Juliet = star-crossed lovers)  3 revolutions took place before the sociological imagination th - Scientific (16 ) evidence to substantiate theories -Democratic revolution (18th) human action can change society th - Industrial revolution (19 ) gave sociologists their subject matter (caused great poverty, diminished worked rights) CULTURE 9/12/2012 10:01:00 AM  Culture o what we invent to problem solve o Hero’s aeolopile – steam engine o Eventually became part of our culture when there was a need for it  Ex. Superstition doesn’t become part of our culture until it becomes a practice o The atanasoff- Berry digital computer, 1939, insignificant until there was a need for it during world war 2 o We are blind to our own culture because we rarely think about it  Ethnocentrism- involves judging other cultures exclusively by the standards of ones own. It impairs our viewing of other cultures  Culture Relativism- the belief that all elements of all cultures should be respected as equally valid o Human dignity, equality, justice transcends through all cultures but where should the line be drawn? o Cliterectomy, should the line be drawn  Pink Floyd’s “another brick in the wall” o Portrays culture as a mechanism that constrains us (education as thought control which makes children just another brick inn the wall) o Culture is “two faced” it also sets us free  Rationalization o Is the application of the most efficient means to achieve given goals and the often-unintended negative consequences of doing so.  Bureaucracy o is a large impersonal organization composed of many clearly defined positions arranged in hierarchy. It has a permanent salaried staff of qualified experts and written goals, rules and procedure. Staff members strive to achieve goals efficiently o ex. University of Toronto is a bureaucracy  Consumerism o Is a lifestyle that involves defining one’s sel
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