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What Is Social Inequality

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SOC 102 January 11, 2011 What is Social Inequality course is about structure of inequality in life - competition, some people at top and likely to stay there, some at bottom, hard to rise - stacked deck from beginning of life - social mobility in middle 80%, middle class why normal people against heavy odds - consequences of social inequality - social inequality dangerous for health sociology - study of social organization - which type of social organization fits us best - social inequality related to crime, abuse, addiction, mental instability, etc - what can we do about it? how can we measure inequality? how do some societies do better? inequality about hierarchical differences between two people - can be natural inqualities between people - ie taller, smarter, attractiveness, etc - how do natural inequalities become social inequalities? - are all inequalities unfair? - how do we create inequalities? - how do we treat people with inequalities? - what is the role of ideology, religion, mass media in inequality beauty - why such a significance on it? - why some societies view it above intelligence? each inequality and generalization is quite similar, if understand one, can understand most disadvantages can compound, if dumb + plain looking, more disadvantaged than just one status inconsistencies - consistent -> beautiful and smart - inconsistent -> beautiful and dumb, smart and plain
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