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Lecture 4

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Lorne Tepperman

Lecture 4 Class Poverty and Economic Inequality Text Social Problems Chapter 2Sense of Sociability Chapter 6 Economic Inequality Large differences in the income and wealth across individuals and groups within a society differences in the economic power of nationsKarl Marx first introduced the notion of social class and its relation to poverty and inequality o Capitalists own the means of production and Proletarians sell their labour for wages o Capitalists maximize their profits by paying the workers as little as possible and selling the product for as high as price as possibleClasses are groups of people who share a common economic condition relationship to the means of productionHave and havenot relationship is fundamental to all social relations forever locked in conflictClasses should band togetherworkers to protect their wages and working conditions and employers to protect their wages and working conditions o Developing this class awareness is difficultEmployers take steps to prevent formation of workers unionsTODAY it is no longer necessary to own a business to control the means of productionWorking class is international a result of global ownershipFunctional Theory of Stratificationwe judge worth of a job based on societal values o This theory fails to consider a few thingsWhy the difference between toppaid and bottompaid workers is wide or narrowWhy the range of salaries in one capitalist nation is wider than in othersWhy some people get high salaries regardless of whether they confer a social benefit Class Consciousness o Must identify themselves as members of an exploited class o See that the owners of the means of production are their enemies o Realize that everything is at stake in the battle for inequality o Recognize that societal change is possible through conflictSocial Mobility The movement of individuals from one social class to another during the course of ones life time o Little chance of entering the top 1 little chance of escaping the bottom 1 o Educational credentials are the key to social mobilityEducated people are more likely to have large diverse social networks and gain opportunities this way
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