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Lecture 2- Jan 18 Social Classes  Karl Marx starts off with social classes  Fredrick Angles was bffls with Karl Marx  Society is composed of two classes those who have more dinners than appetizers and those who have more appetizers than dinners (the ones who r well of and those who aren’t)  “Class” is an ora of confidence, it has nothing to do with money, never becomes intimidating  3 kinds of ppl : the high, middle and low  Ann Landers: “ you got class” stylish, polished (not was marx was talking bout)  Binary vs non-binary 2, 4, 6, not 2, 4, 6 only 2 class(higher/lower) many diff classes  Marx not man who makes history  A capitalist society is characterised by conflict  In industrial societies capitalism divides the pop. Into 2 opposing classes  The working class has only 3 alternatives: 1) to cooperate with the capitalists 2) to form unions and try to modify social conditions 3) to make revolutions  Marx: ppl don’t always agree with things and so that creates conflicts  You can give urself over as a slave(“cooperating”) or try to form ur own union or make ur own revolution  Marx doesn’t agree with being a slave  not many masters wake up one morning and say you know what im going to give you more money for your job, you work so much etc Unions he agrees with a bit  revolution will happen regardless of what ppl do or say  As u change the means of production it changes the conflicts that will occur  Differences in social position result from differences in ppls relations to the means of production  @ both ends of the class ladder, class stability over time is maintained by inheritance  That is y poverty(+wealth) is self-perpetuation from one generation poverty keeps increasing because of generations  Class culturesvalue systems and lifestyles to b a rich person in todays society is to have a diff view of the world and diff expectations rather than someone who was born with a poor background  Dominant ideology: way of looking at poor ppl as powerless and incapable of challenging or fighting the stronger/powerful ppl in the world  The main social institutions of society-including inheritance and even edu- ensure that the poor stay poor  For Marx, a key ? is how members of social class can gain class awareness how does a class in itself become a class for itself?  Ppl create conflicts based on their view and perspectives because they are different from others  Class consciousness understand ur positon in the class structure & the historical flow of class relations u gotta know the understanding of 2 classes and the history behind it  The development of class-consciousness requires a transition from a class in itself to a class for itself  Marz doesn’t put much faith in significant change through peaceful methods- for ex: through unionization and the ballot box  Powerful ppl like war cuz they make money, and they can call on patriotonism  Marx argues that industrial capitalism carries the seeds of its own destruction  Working and living conditions bring ppl together with others of the same class and separate them from ppl of the opposite class  In these shared living and working conditions workers will develop a consciousness of common interests rooted in relations to the means of production  Industrial capitalism requires factories it is undermining itself, by bringing all these workers together they will eventually form unions and a militant culture.  Even the books we read, prayers, and beliefs we hold about family and marriage reflect economic life.  Marx views about ideas and value differ most from those of Max Weber, another founder of sociology  Poor ppl become desperate and want to be rich and so they turn to gambling, casino becuz they want to be rich and have power  Capitalism has control over ppls mind thru mass media  The dominant institutions of society influence the rest of society what happens in vegas stays in vegas ppl begin to think o lets go to vegas and get rich etc and live the life  Weblers asserts the social importance of religious ideas for the rise of capitalism  Both Thorstien Veblen and Pierre Bourdieu like Marx recognize the important relationships between class, lifestyle and culture  However they note that culture and
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