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Sociology feb 15-2011  Do old ppl disengage? the experience of age varies historically; it also varies with class race and gender  Disengagement theorysociety needs to get rid of the old ppl to bring in the new ppl who will be able to work etc.-Elaine Cummings and William Henry  Today old age is ignored feared or ridiculed in our youth-obsessed society  Why old ppl are retired for the good of society an for themselves, elderly ppl must give up their positions and withdraw to the edges of society  Retirement empties important social positions allowing ppl form the nxt generation to move up the social hierarchy  Some sociologists would argue that forced retirement is merely age-based discrimination  Its a form of inequality exercised by the younger majority to further its own interests  Elderly ppl rarely withdraw from society of their own will.  Exclusion and Ageism elderly ppl are no more willing to take a backseat than are poor ppl women or raicla minorities  Social assumptions reflect ageism a form of prejudice and discrimination directed against any age group  A competition btwn age groups old against young results in exclusion  Age stratification is a system of inequalities linked to age, often associated with age-sets  Concerned with how societies experience again ex: economy is affected by pop aging  The exclusion of elderly ppl in our society differs markedly diff from historical gerontocracies  Imagine when old ppl ruled the rural Irish community studied by Arensberg and Kimball followed the rule of primogeniture farm children living this way were ruled by their parents, remaining boys and girls until marriage here marriage was not a lo
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