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SOC103H providing instrumental or Social Institutions emotional support for theirparents Often causes longterm problems Introducing Sociology of depression anxiety and faulty Tues Jan 7 2014 relationships Assumed to be more common inInstitution A relatively stable immigrant families due to the shared pattern of behavior based adolescentparent acculturation on relatively stable values It gap the immigrant adolescents meets peoples most important will outperform their parents needs Very slow to change socioculturallyNo institutions exist withoutMethodology Sample 197 German social interaction Interaction can native adolescents and 185 ethnic be defined as a socially recognized immigrant adolescents and their pattern of interrelated acts mothers among three GermanAll social structures 1 control cities Provide a questionnaire to us 2 change us and 3 both the mother and kin separatelyresist and produce social changeThe findings 1 ImmigrantSociology is the study of social children are more parentified structures than native born children 2Most social situations are scripted Marital dissatisfaction of mothersTwo social crises were especially has no effect on immigrant important for the early parentification 3 Language development of sociology 1 the brokering and an acculturation Industrial Revolution economic gap predicted both kinds of and 2 the French Revolution parentification 4 Instrumental political They convinced people parentification led to selfefficacy that new social and political in both adolescent groups 5 High arrangements were needed levels of emotional parentificationToday sociology incorporates led to exhaustion in the immigrant multiple narratives and group but not in the native group perspectives Given the differentImplications of findings We might points of view presentday have predicted that immigrant sociology is also concerned with kids would have problems that how we know what we know were different from native kidsWe find and seek to explainOver the years scholars have patterns highlighted certain schools ofWe question common sense thought We solve social problems and findFunctional theory views better ways of living together society as a set of interconnectedparts that work together topreserve the overall stability and Example Growing Up Too Soon efficiency of the whole We may Parentification Among Immigrant and not realize why we support Native Adolescents in Germany J certain institutions which are Youth Adolescence 2012 failing in some respect butThe problem Adolescents succeeding in other respects adoption of adult family roles bySOC103H 1 Social institutions perform bothFemininsm is interested in how manifest and latent functions gender inequality makes womens schools can both train for job lives different from mens market and serve as babysitting Feminists pay great attention to service Compare to Durkheims the gendering of experiences suicideAnomiesome experiences are specificallyConflict critical theories are female or male and cannot be always about the unequal automatically generalized to both distribution of power This sex Feminists are particular approach emerged as a reaction interested in the problem of against functionalism in the midvictimization and intersectionality twentieth century Conflict producing particular problems of theorists pointed out that disadvantagestructural functionalists paid tooPostmodernism is interested in little attention to social conflict unmasking ideologies that protect and social change Conflict is and justify the dominant social everywhere suggesting that order Modernism suggests that conflict usually has social through science we can discover functions Compare to John the truth about reality and that Porters Vertical Mosaicthere is only one truth perSymbolic interactionism situation Postmodernism denies focuses on the glue that holds this It is a critique of modernist people together in social assumptions also overgeneral relationships the shared concepts like progress mode of meanings definitions and production social evolution interpretations of interacting secularization and individuals Interested in the rationalization PM has an processes of interaction by which obvious attraction for counterpeople make and use symbols to culture movementsconstruct a society The view thatwe all build society together Material Settings Population every day is called social Cities and the Environment constructionism Compare to Tues Jan 14 2014 Erving Goffmans discussion of Two different Views of Social Life stigma Cogito ergo sum I think thereforeLabeling theory part of social I am as per Rene Descartes It is constructionism rests on the an idealist approach The premise that any given social difference between humans and problem is viewed as such only nonhumans is that humans are because an influential group of distinct because we thinkpeople defines it so Herbert cognitive abilities Blumer 1971 also proposedMorior ergo sum I die that all social problems develop in therefore I am as per Lorne stages that always include Tepperman A materialist 1 Social recognition approach The fact of mortality is 2 Social legitimating extremely important and captures 3 Mobilization for action and the essence of materialistic 4 Development and implementation of an official planSOC103H 2 conditions going on in peoples population problems could lives threaten human existence There would inevitably be a point ofCities are a perfect venue in which crisis where people would start to to study the interconnection die off in large numbers through between mortal populations and famine disease or war He was environmentscertain that without preventativePopulations are made up of checks population would always births deaths and migrations outgrow its food supply Look intoSocieties are made up of mortal positive versus preventative checks people who need food and space He wanted to make it hard for However food and space are people to marry by limiting land limited We are in the realm of life He believed a delay in marriage and death when we talk about would limit population increase these issuesIn todays society PositiveDespite this the worlds checks increase deaths include population has been rising war famine and disease exponentially over the past 200 Preventative checks limiting years births include abortion andOur biggest concerns contraception abstinence and Overpopulation and its delayed marriage and infanticideeffects on the environmentDemographic transitionA large population puts more ththeory Introduced by 20 C pressure on the natural sociologist Kingsley Davis and environment than a small others It proposed that after a population decline in death rates societiesA large population is also more tend to lower their birth rates likely to invent new technologies within one or two generationsand new ways of producing food and wealthCity people are more settled than transient huntergatherers but less settled than agriculturalistsRural societies maintain social cohesion better than any other societyCity populations vary considerably in sex age education interests and occupationsCity people also have high levels of human capital ie a high level of health education and training Different approaches have led toBecause of the advantages urban different insights about the centres provide many more growing population the cities we people now live in cities than ever live in and the environment before Functionalism Introduced by Thomas Malthus Suggested thatSOC103H 3
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