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15 Dec 2010
SOC 103
Lecture # 3—September 28th 2010
Sociology says nothing that human being dont do
Male initiations rites; only way for a boy to be a men was to have blood out of him through sticks
up his nose (For Sambias)
^Second swallowing semen; and that would stimulate an organ that would work when contacted
with sperm, young men would perform oral sex on older men
Not nature of action that is deviant or criminal
40 percent more industrial deaths than due to homicide
Definition of murder or other crimes, depends on how that act is socially constructed and how
society defines that action
Main factor in defining deviant/crime is power
Deviance implies a social reaction, some punishment or stigma
Formal punishment = time in jail
Informal punishment= swearing/ threatening
Power is crucial element, is a big word
Weber Power: is probability that one actor within a social relationship will be in a position to
carry out his or her own will despite resistance
Women are less powerful than men, less resources, less prestige
1980s Rape law was not taught until 1980s
Womens position in economy has changed in last 30 years,, earn money, more political roles, part
of womens rights movement
White Collar Crimes: taxes, stock trading, fraud,
Street crimes: robbery, assault,
White collar crimes made by upper and middles class, street crimes by lower class individuals
White collar crimes more costly to society, corporate crime = thirty billion dollars a year, white
collar criminals rarely convicted, street crimes most likely convicted
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