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University of Toronto St. George
Sheldon Ungar

SOCIOLOGY NOTES – NOV 21, 2012 (TOPIC: CRIME & DEVIANCE)  The centre contribution of Sociology to crime and deviance is that crime and deviance are socially structured  Thought experiment: what is considered a crime? EXAMPLE: Older men having intercourse with young boys? - Actually this happened in Greek society - Young boys were considered beautiful and parents prayed their young boys would catch the attention of an older man in power - Also happened in Sombra (Papa New Guinea) - Young men initiation rights included: - Sharp bamboo shot up young boy’s nostrils to remove the mother’s blood so that he doesn’t end up feminine - They also have to swallow an older man’s semen because they believe boys have an organ called ‘tingo’ which needs development from semen  Deviance adheres in the minds viewing the object, not the object  Another example is’ murder’. In some parts of the world, if a woman cheats, she is killed.  How you interpret it, makes it deviant/criminal  Idea of distribution of power  Deviance: breaking a norm, implies disobeying a known rule  Informal Punishment: gossip, ostracism  Stigmatization: When people are negatively evaluated because of a perceptible sign that distinguishes them from others.  I could NOT keep up with the definitions but they are all on the slides for this week…I’ll just add that to the email I send you with these notes.  Power Probability: One actor in a relationship will be in a position to carry out his or her own will despite resistance - Powerless groups can’t do this - Bias against women - Simple rape: being raped by friend/associate - Aggravated rape: being raped by a stranger - Rape wasn’t really focused on in law - People now understand rape and date paper better - This changed because women’s stereotypes are better now (They have better jobs, almost treated equally)  White Collar Crime: Acts committed by people of high status during their occupation  Street Crimes: Arson, assault, robbery, They are committed disproportionately by people from lower classes - White collar criminals get away with a lot more, even though their crimes can hurt society more than street crimes - This is because white collar crimes usually happen privately - Big corporations, stock brokers, etc, can afford to get corporations to tell them how to scam without getting in trouble - As women have become more powerful, there is less bias against them, but white collar criminals are still the rich and
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