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October 19 , 2010 Soc103H Lecture 6 Gender & Sexuality Humans have underdeveloped instincts o Les chiens arrivent a sentir les chienne chaudes, mais les hommes ne peuvent pas sentir une femme en chaleur Humans require symbolic systems (or culture) to compensate for lack of instincts Culture is the sum of socially transmitted ideas, practices and material objects that people create. Culture gives us guidelines for how to think and act. Culture is everywhere, but nowhere at the same time. It is a part of us, and we cant see it. Society exists when people interact and share culture, generally a geographically delimited area. Some people are born with biological characteristics of both male and females, often consisting of both male and female genitals intersexed Transgenders are people whose gender identity doesnt match their birth sex Some transgender people presend as either male or female, while others present as a third gender, neither male nor female. o Transmasculine: you know you are female, but you feel 75% more male than female o Transfemale: you know are male, but you feel 75% more female than male We have ideologies. Ideologies are rooted in culture and structure, not nature. But we believe ideologies are supported by nature. Native Americans have a third gender. Berdache or two spirit. They were not considered to be either sexes, but a combination of the two. Their culture made room for a third gender. Travesti value the penis. They dont consider themselves female or male. Hijra
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