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Lecture 3 20120124 Social StructuresSocial structures are the building blocks of social relationships o They are the glue that keep the society together o Ex government of Canada institutional structureSocial scripts o Learned practiced o Only adult members should know about social scripts o A template by which we follow in all occasions o The reminders of guidelines that exist when we communicate o We need them becauseThey are laws to boost communication CommunicationinteractionWe cant just listen to ppl talk for 2 hours straight without being able to express our own opinions o Social scripts are specific to each situation not generalWe cant apply one to all communicationDivision from script results in punishmentSocial forms o Can be an object symbol a relationship o Must facilitate communication o Not unique to individual o Not all ppl know about social formsthus problems arisePpl getting in trouble for lawbreaking o Some social forms are created by individuals and enforced by themSocial scripts and forms constrain us from interacting with each other and they influence us o Shows us how conflicts arise how to negotiate to solve problems o There are boundariesDramaturgical approach o Symbolic interaction o Developed by Goffman in 1959 o Social roletheatrical production roll taking turns o Social life cant be equivalent to theatrical approach as we have desires choices and freedom own selfinterestso This is a metaphor not reality o Social scripts doesnt cover everythingWe need scripts and forms o Social scripts help us fix social glitches interactional glitcheso Social scripts are not perfect but they give us general outlines of what to do and sayLink between roles and identities o The role we play contributes to our identity o We think that our identities are unique and that they come from our personalityThis is impossible in reality
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