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Soc200H1 Monday September 10,2012 Substantive- subtopics *ven diagram Quantitative Methods: Qualitative Methods: (options, ranges, possibilities) Method: you use affect the answers (cop arresting someone at end of shift to get paid overtime) Questions: Why replace it with under what conditions (rephrase the question to find out exactly what you are trying to find out) Soc question: should be about a) social world b)empirically testable-can’t test the future, don’t have nor- mative questions (best right should assumptions) c) theoretically relevant- tell us something beyond just one study (eg big theoretical issues) Answering questions: get an answer, find evidence to back it up Epistemology (study of truth), methodology(study of how we find things out) INDIRECT: authority- take word of someone of authority tradition- common knowledge saves time but can limit i
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