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Lecture 5

SOC201H1-Oct 3, Week 5

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University of Toronto St. George

Possible Test QuestionsTest will be truefalsemultiple choice 1 According to Durkheim suicide is normal p 363 2 An increasing rate of suicide is the inevitable price of progress p 368 3 Moral penaltiessuch as refusing a regular burial to people who commit suicidewould reduce the suicide rate p 371 4 In modern society the altruistic form of suicide is disappearing p 373 5 As a new barrier against suicide Durkheim proposes the corporation p 378Position Paperyou have to submit your position paper twice via turnitinhard copy at beginning of classiwrite site has past papersjournal of classical sociology is a good scholarly sourceeg an idea for a position paper would be to address the contradiction of Durkheim how he feels punishment for deviance creates greater social solidarity but he doesnt think the same for suicide eg to compare 2 thinkers in terms of community eg Durkheim vs Marx To structure a comparative Essayeg one on Canadathe USA comparing in terms of economy politics geography international rule 1 the intro Sets force the questionargument 1 in an efficient way give your reader a sense of where youre going with this paper of analysis 2 dimensions of analysis 3 talk about CDAs eco poli geointl 4 talk about USAs eco poli geointl 5 conclusion The findings of this paper have even bigger implications for a larger understanding of eg how social order is maintained community etcBut a better way for 34 would be talkcompare CDAUSAs eco talkcompare poli talkcompare geo takecompare intl rather than doing them individuallyConsider the FollowingAlienation had individual and social dimensionsIndividual alienation denotes estrangement from the self in its creative potentialitiesSocial alienation denotes estrangement from other peopleThe two are not necessarily linked individual creativity can coexist with social alienation example cultural production in big cities such as New York London Los AngelesHence Marx is wrong to assume that the end of alienation requires the end of capitalismWhat do you thinkSuicide by Emile Durkheim 1897 1 Why 2 Rates race and imitation 1 rates as social facts
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