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W7 SOC 204H Authority Can be of different kinds  religious authority [the Vatican and the church experiencing an erosion of authority with the child abuse cases]  Authoritative opinion: The authority of public opinion/ should it be ruled, should it be trusted? In history we can see that the thought of people has been swayed. Public opinion vs. emotion vs. it’s level of authority (born into it or gaining it)  Political authority: Erosion of authority during the E.U revolution [a political authority] a regime in which the rightness of rule has been hauled into question. Think also of coloniasm [to what extent that the conqueror have authority?] Political authority The question of authority in Iraq after the 2 Gulf war  Peace and security did not return in Iraq after being invaded by US Hobbes: provides justification for a stronger sovereign  a state of Anarchy where people strive for power and on their guards against others – such a situation is frightening and the best solution is to sacrifice their freedom to higher power (sovereign) for gain security and peace.  Better to live under a sovereign then to live under a state of Anarchy  Truth: if we don’t sacrifice some of our freedom, we stand to lose safety and security and peace of mind. False: an absolute authority is needed to get these things we cherish (do we have to give up all of our freedom to get good things?) In Iraq there was a figure of authority, but it was contested and inconsistent  After the lose of authority (when US conquered) their was a lot of looting which the US army did not prevent  The political party associated with the Saddam Hussein regime was removed from the authority and the number of people who lost jobs were enormous [but these people who were removed, you also lose all the know-how, and it that loss worth it]  The ministry of interior [one of the most powerful and have lots of control]/ so the US also dispensed the ministry of offence and of the interior and a lot of jobs lost  but then who would enforce law and authority? So when an occupying force, how is authority maintained or recreated? Political authority becomes much more salient after occupation (we realise that it is pretty important) Authoritative opinion Nihilism: the belied in nothing Situating authority 1. Power: be able to carry out ones will/ sometimes people conform to one’s wishes without necessary issuing a command/ keep in mind the idea of
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