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Eric Fong

- SAMPLE - japanese born in canada, all went to school and grew up in the canadian community - live in predominantly caucasian neighborhoods of large to medium sized areas, with 84% residing in homes owned by themselves. - the sample group are all employed in full-time jobs and include a few professional mothers. - all identified themselves as middle class, only few relegating themselves to the lower side of the middle class. - many are striving to attain higher social status, in a relaxed manner. - sansei form an extremely well-educated group (3rd generation) - average number of education by sample was 16.2 - equivalent to a uni degree. - it means that education that the Nisei (2nd generation) could not afford was available for their children. - there are, some demographic differences, as in ontario, quebec and B.C, japa- nese have higher educated than those from winnipeg and thunder bay. - the less educated japanese are ‘home town natives’ who were born and have lived in the same area throughout their life. unlike other sansei who leave home town when they enter university. - japanese canadians are on average the most highly educated of all groups in canada. with the sansei being the most. - the japanese canadians belief that self-advancement was achieved by education is doubtlessly the chief factor that contribute to achieving the level of education reported here by sansei group. - from all the ethnic groups in canada, it is known that asians were the only group that break away from their positions as underachievers, and became over achievers. - this is because of the asian family and its ethnic values which are its members’ most important sources of socialization. - societal discrimination, racism did not diminish the ability of j
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