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Lecture 4

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Markus Schafer

SOC246Lecture 4 demographic transitionShift from high to low mortality followed by shift from high to low fertilityex Vietnamcobra head shape median population age shifts to an older agea most advantageous dependency ratio is based on an stable demographic in the population around equal numbers of old and youngmigrationMakes the population younger in the short term immigrants are usually younger than the median age of most western countries Can make the population younger in the longrun if there is an ever increasing flow of immigrants not really sustainable or if fertility is higher among immigrantsover a few generations immigrants tend to converge their fertility rates with norms of their host countryNo evidence of a more youthful society caused by immigration thus far Yet Vienna is was of the oldest cities with little immigration after WWIICommunist breakup of the west caused large immigration to the west therefore sparking a rejuvenation of the population Caused other Europeans to look into this possibilityReplacement Migration Is it a solution to declining and aging populations
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