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November 23, 2011

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Joseph Bryant

Sociology of ReligionLectureNovember 23 2011Monasticismnunnery allows ppl seeking a more intense experience while keeping religious traditions appropriate for the masses Richard bullietConversion to islam in the Medieval Period 1979introduced idea of an Sshaped curve of conversionThe available convert pool to any religion is sociologically and psychologically diverse and the sociohistorical contexts in which conversions occur are dynamic changing 5 basic convert types 1Innovatorsthe earliest recruits who are zealots enthusiasts seekers25 of pop 2Early adaptersrisktaking pioneers or social marginals135 3 Early majoritymainly those of somewhat higher social standing who are attracted to a movement moving from fringe status to greater social prominence34 4 Late majorityreligious moderates and social conservatives who jump on the bandwagon once the challenges and stigmas of membership have been removed34 5 Laggardsmainly comprised of traditionalists who are members of the old establishments secular and religious16Webers SECTCHURCH dynamic Sects and Churches are oriented toward a distinctive types of religious intensity or experience and b competing organizational expressions and membership standards Against an existing religious tradition new religious movements begin by recruiting from those seeking a higher truth a more intense experiencethey are unfulfilled uninspired by tradition and so are willing to risk joiningexploring something new SECTa voluntary association of those who have been called chosen enlightened inspired who are thus charismatically qualifiedcommonly follow exciting purity requirements engage in intensive spiritual activity zealous commitment to the faith true believervirtuoso or heroic standards of religiosity for the membersa visible community of saints hoi hagioi the holy ones hoi eklektoi the chosen CHURCHan organization where charismatic sanctity is objectified not in the individual members but in the institution itself in the priestly order the sacraments and rituals the sacred texts a church is an enterprise in salvation dispensing holiness to its members on conditions of loyaltymass religiosityThe church is a school for sinnerslower standards of purity knowledge so long as members remain loyal to the church and its leadership which extends forgiveness and
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