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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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University of Toronto St. George

SOC301 Lecture 6Oct 18 2011 Upper classes tried to tone down ambitions of lower classesHow to divide results of cooperative activityth19 cent this issue comes up in context of new process of productionArrival of machinery tht was more productive key innovation was steam engineSupplied by waterChanges process of work factory work can go on 2471 Changes process of production increases productivity and output2 Makes work more continuousthIndustrial labour in mid 19 cent and before three existing models centralized planning cooperatives workers org own process of production hierarchical org of work under factory capitalistUncertainty of side of owners and resentment from workers why should skilled labourer now work as labourer on factory floor while owner who doesnt understand process be able to org whole processIncrease in pollution due to high use of coalWho can claim returns Either factory owner who owns capital and machinery or factory workers or inventor trouble with steam engine and invention is tht there is no single inventorNo easy answer to distribution of results from cooperative activity inc inventors workers ownersBiological theories associated with Darwin 18081882 but contemporaries inc Spencer 18201903 Sumner 18401910Darwi
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