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Robb Travers

SOC309 NOV 2, 2012 AIDS ACTION NOW YELLOW KITCHEN GLOVES EQUITY DEPARTMENT AT THE TORONTO SCHOOL BOARD Impact of neoliberalism on early days of epidemic Aids memorial at koffler park - Memorial to people who died in Toronto around epidemic - Established 1987? - Around pride - Permanent in 1992? - Michael lynch founded it - Memorial is series of pillars - Each pillar number of years adnd plaques are names - First pillar in 81 to 86 - First 5 years of epidemic - Early years very few names on pillars - Reasons - Epicenter ny and san fran – much going on in porte e prince - Not mean people not infected in torootno – 10 years infected and sick average - Widely spread before knew what was going on - People hadnet started to die yet - Also great deal of stigma - In june 1981 cdc in us published article of unexpected deatsh younger gay men pcp and kapossi - Called grid - Identidied gay amle comm. - 1981 – decade since decriminalization - Decriminalized in 1969 - Gay men ddangerous criminal class – not good ass with it - Meant thrown out of apartment, refused service in restaurant and fired no protection - Not want to be ass with comm. - And comm. With disease not ass with disease - People died from heart attack names should be on pillar - No one knowing why, blank slate people write narrative - In environment say enviomental degradation - Infectious disease something communicable - Gay people sinful then curse from god - Lifestyle to much sex and rock and roll project what they want to project - Official indifference - No one in power cares - Lesbian and gay comm. Fill the gaps - First wave of aids activisim - 1983 formaton aids committee of Toronto – produce services, support groups not work well bc everyone dying depressing to go to - 1984 identifaction of virus dispute hiv causing aids - Is comunicbale disease - And safer sex - Blood and semen , bc hemophiliacs get it - 1984 – shift from complete indifference to complete panic - Rock Hudson - Leading man and losing weight he is gay, if he can get it anyone can panic in weeks - Kids thrown out of school - Panic around blood system - 85 – have antibody test who has it and who doesn’t - When antibody came out aids commetiee of toornto say don’t take it – no treatment nothing can do - 2 bad immune system is stress disease kill you rd - 3 officials talk publicy about it - Till 1990 medical health official says to quarantine aids - Would be on gov list - 86 – jump in number of names - Public health response – rock Hudson anyone need to protect - If infected public health response is problemitc protects uninfected - Grid – infected seen as gay unifected as straight - Straight protect from gays - Dangerous is bisexual gay into straight - Homophobic in certain way - 87 – federal center for aids allistair clayton – solution aids in Canada – isolate resovoir of infection and burn itself out - Bu 87 first drug some promise controlling aids infection azt – really bad not work well and giving people high doses due to flawed clinical trial - Toke place in unethical conditions - Rather feeling complete dispari or fear tiny glimmer of hope maybe could do something - Lots of antibact for bacteria nothing control virus – first antiviral drug - Ny act up new York - Unacceptable we are dying drug not doing well push for gov take much more seriously do research, see it as an emergency - 87 88 – more names - Fall fo 87 – worked at board of education and bumped into Michael lynch and said – get together politics of aids act up in ny - 74 gay lib when he came out - Knew unjust laws not know politics of the disease - And 6 months aids action now - Lot to figure out - Not law but medicine and how trials were conducted and approved and completely new - Double blind placebo trial - Whether drug works - Trial 2 gorups one group drug other get placebo – is nothing looks does nothing - Compare two groups - Doing better drug work placebo better - Double blind nobody knows which group ur in doct or patient psychosomatic effect improve mood not work long but short - Feb 88 – meeting 500 people court room – find out people what was going on – how treated etc - Consensus three things - 1 consensu conference on care – went into onehospital vs other was different – hospitals were paranoid, bed pans not emptied, - 2 access to experimental treatments, aware of other treatments until long approval process after trials not legally get them, emergency drug release after ww2 sildiers tropical countries with diseases, mech in cananda to allow drug through - No improved drug in Canada could get unimproved drug closed to people with hiv and a aids - 3 acces to aerosla pentamine – can control bug that causes pcp pne and killing most people - Friday party Monday sick and wed hospital and thruday dead - Explode in lungs fill it up with pentaminine - Pcp wevryone has it in lungs - Most immune system not bother - No immune system this thing takes off - At hospital could get pantanimen and get iv, problem iv pentmie – toxic drug and kill them sometimes - States had trial bc nasty bug in lungs why inject into veins mix with water and nebulizer and breath it in and if people breathed in once every two week people not get pcp no get critical mass - In Toronto pentamine one shelf and nebulizer other shelf not put together legally - Set up double blind 750 people for cannada sites across country - Half 375 not get any drug - Get quick results in order to enter needed one bout of pcp - Lilleihood coming down again in 6 months is high - Someone do math 375 not do nothing – second bout more dangerous - 10 15 die in placebo to prove drug - Approval to drug already works – unethical need access to trial - Not approved un us yet but done trials - Argument may not be safe – dying of aids know what happens not get treatment - One thing of paramatine – go to buffalo and shuttle people across border and set of nebulizer and do it illegally - In parliament hill and people set up table and took illeal drugs - Pressure to open e d r p - Toronto general one of the sites and built coffins of how many peole would die and let on front office and led two coffins - Burn in effigy the minister of health – he could open it up - Became front page news – strcutral problem - Not die bc of virus but govt refuse them axis - Change in piblci perception in 88 - And 88 was an election year Mulroney faced aids activists - 89 - More names - 89 mulroney won election and new misniter of health felt pressure warren betty open e r d p to hiv - Aceess to experimental treatment - Oentamin trial collapse – stoped taking it and taking it through e rdp - Room aboriginal guy was sick and on pentamine trial – at casing house hospice – only 50 percent of getting drug can get you drug – family in reservation if not stay in trial may get kicked out of hospice no food no drugs and die on street - See impact unethical trial - 500 mg - First trial – people get together and mix drugs – meant results no one knew results - And placebo turned out to be better at 1200 mg must work and not taking 1200 probably taking half of that and poisoned after that bc taking 1200 after approved - 89 – more visible - Interbational aids conference held in montreal - International aids conference mostly medical research conferences - 89 changed rules of game with act up ny - And
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