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SOC364 OCT 3, 2012 Slides from last week 28 - Inequality is correlated with health - Infant motality rate – important indicator of health per 100000 - And inequality – income of bottom half has - Below median – 27 percent of the income - Greater infant lower income - Negative correlation between inequality and infant mortality rates - Us states due to health system have higher rates of infant versus Canadian provinces - What is going on in differen states to create ass - Correlation with other health outcomes - How does inequality manifest itself in health - Inequality higher residential segrattion by income creates pockets of disadvantage and disinvestment - Spend more public money of defensive measures – take care of negative manifestations of inquality rather then addressing inequality 29 - Another look at same graph but braking income inequakity to quartiles - Income and inequality axis in which mortality varies - Slides show se status is indicator of health - How se markers influence health - Different levels of influence effect helath and need multilevel perspective Class Broader perspective of cities Last week multilevel perspective How cities have changed How we interact impact cities have on health, organizational perspective 3 reading different periods Lewis th - Early 20 century rapid growth in Chicago - Move to mid 20 centuries through sprawling of cities – fishman - And sorkin – post modern cities in late 20 centure how are cities changing how relate to cities and are cities healthy places to be Wirth - 20 and 30s - Period of rapid growth - Interested in urbanization - Positive and negative - Also cost as a consequuecnce th - Chicago school of urban soc in early 20 century still used today - Fishman – discusses period of sprawling metropolitan area - Intro piece – Toronto most American of Canadian cities same trends Luis wirth - Immigrant like many people during this period - Move to Chicago Midwest young man - Lived adult life in Chicago - How immigrants adjust to rban life - Jewish cimmnity - And distinct social processes occur in a city – many pople in small space – cant rerlate need ways to cope - Potenital soc to solve real problems - Applied soc is less today – optimism what social science could do back in the wirth period - Optimimsm strong how science could solve many problems – in reality politics get in the way - Pos and negative effects and still frame work today - Minority knowledge and applied to other goups - Techniques used to study other groups Urbanism - Classic essay - Contribtuiton to urban life - What is urban life - Density and heterogeneity - How many people habit a area unit square km – not overall pop but density – more dense more challenge of housing infrastructure and relating to each other socially - Size important – dense small area dense and large - Htero – indicator of difference - Cities large and dense may be homogeny but not seen - Three things go toether - Multicorrelated - Negative effects - Hear about today - First – families are changing but other things linked to - Urbanism is ass with it not live in little villages that are self sufficient – my life as a dog - Boy raised I city single parent and famly troubles and live with relative in village stong connection with everyone work play together – mindhsaft - People may live in enclave within city - Rely more on sec the primary contacts - Borders of neighborhoods are being underminded - Family –lower families lower fertility, chidlerne younger - Postpone more single people and less social interaction - Cocnverend how families changing Positive - Cities factoris of innovation - Modern civ - View cities as functional go to equilibrium to solve disputes - Citiy functional unit with functional appnedfes - Bio Analogy then b
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