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Lecture 9

Lecture 9 - Foundation and Conclusion

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Jooyoung Lee

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SOC395 Foundation and Conclusion December 3, 2012 • Schloss has issues with some of his methodologies. He shows the participation of women in the underground which isn't seen often. There's still a gender normative aspect to b-boying and b-girling. • The default term is b-boy, so there is no such thing as b-girling. It is a subtle, taken for granted gender normativity, similar to "where are you guys going?" • Women's voices in hip hop have been marginalized. Schloss provides narratives from women, however he doesn't take the gender normativity issues further. He only briefly skims the surface. • Tension between b-boys, b-girls and breakdancers. • B-boys and b-girls have history influenced in their dance. B-boying is a lifestyle whereas breakdancers are just dancing. • B-boying and b-girling is something that is lived, how you see the world, how you live, how you dress, etc. • Skills you learn through b-boying can be transferred beyond the dancing. However, he doesn't show us any of this. It makes sense intuitively but ethnographically, there is no evidence. • KMEL: Breakdancers do not have style and originality, they have dynamic moves. B-boys have dynamic style, they do not care for the flashiness. Being in control and being aggressive is more important than moves. • The allure of being a "ghetto celebrity" (what dancers strive to be): there is a sense of contributing to a longer legacy. C. Wright Mills type of analysis. This dance is an alternative avenue for self affirmation to grow into something positive. This dance becomes a way for young people to gain positive esteem and an identity. It is the person that is most feared, the one with the reputation. • Lived experience for being a part of this dance. • For individuals that are destined for a life of anonymity, being known by future generation for their creativity is a very attractive one. This is good for those that do not have other range of avenues to develop a positive sense of self. Schloss however doesn't tie this back to the general theme. • Bboying and bgirling • Rocksteady Crew became more than ghetto celebritites • Importance of creating a character, an identity in a dance world that becomes a persona (clothing, etc) • A lot of thought and care is put into crafting the identity of a bboy or bgirl. The ability to go hard but still maintain their image without ruining their clothing (looking fresh at the end of the night) • Bboy/bgirl ethos - no matter how dope your style is, you still have to make yourself presentable. • Space Matters - space is an important part of the culture. Bboys and bgirls must be able to break on a wide range of surfaces, showing their versatility in skill/dance and how they are able to adapt (dexterity) to the circumstances. • Ken Swift - Rocksteady Crew: bboys ride the music, it is not just about power moves and dynamics. • Schloss misses a lot in his book in terms of the dance scene. He doesn't talk a lot about popping and locking. • Schloss provides a basis on the fact that ecology matters. The environment in which you do things, ultimately affects it. You should use certain moves for certain spaces. It says something about your skill set. If you stick with a stock set of moves, you're limited to certain surfaces. It's about being adept and being able to adapt to circumstances. The environment pose
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