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Smc 208 lec 16 nov 6  This journey bonnaventure lays out a more intellectual journey and union with god  He begins with external world; looking outside of himself o Hes convinced that when u look at the world du cant help but see the creator god  Hes going about this with some faith in creator of world=god  He speaks of the world as a mirror through which we may pass over to god  He sees three things reflected in the world: power, the wisdom and goodness of god o Power because god has the ability to create everything we see o Wisdom is how everything works and is connected and how it all works out o Goodness represents free choice and how god loved the world into existence o 7 full property of creation  Each one reflects the power,wisdom and goodness of god  In chapters 3 and 4 is step two which is the internal world o philophically o We look in at ourselves o Especially what distinguishes from us; which is that we know and love  3 faculties/capacities of human mind  1. Memory o Functions: 1. understand the meaning of terms 2. Understanding proposition; its an affirmation about a term, 3. inferences  2. thinking  3.choice/will o Each of these powers if we think through they some way point to god o Beauty truth and goodness o He concludes by saying how close the soul is to god and how the memory leads to eternity and understanding of truth o The three things in their relationship point to the trinity  From memory intelligence goes forth as its offspring from this love is grieve forth in their mutual bond  This reflects god’s love o Psychological Analogies  Within the unity of god there is differentiation; oneness of god  Augustine said: we are one, the mind is one but within us we can discern a 3ness; mind knowledge and love;  Chapter 4 then is about the same as the internal world but looks at the memory and intelligence, not as natural realities and what we came forth from the creator but as the same things as elevated by grace; new testament; ch 4 is theological thought o Image and likeness of god  Through the image we become the likeness of god o Grace flows out of the essence of the soul into the powers of the soul, intelligence and will; this is where we come to find faith hope and charity; they are meant to draw us deeper in a relationship with god o The soul itself rises through itself as through a mirror  Already the world is mirror image but the soul is better mirror and the soul transformed by grace is even a better mirror image o He begins by saying if god is all that close to our soul why do so few recognize his presence: and he says that we are too distracted (WOW); we have lost clarity of vision and too busy and therefore we need to be healed and renewed and given eyes that see and ears that hear, o Christ is the ladder in which we climb to get to
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