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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses
Jennifer Harris

Jan 31stLecture Outline yes we can by will I am and Barack Obama a brief history of advertising focus on CocaCola public service announcement recent developments in advertising spiritual branding Product placement Yes we can Video1Religious function Social function applied community building a vision of what the community can do Extrasental provides meaning because you can accomplish anything Idea that this is a missionary message activists in politics Tracendance everyone must come together to gain goals must get over particulars and work together also the video itself has out of body feeling because it is so motivational Larger narrative of religious and the promise land Much like Martin Luther Kings I have a dream speech 2Observations healing and repairing religious context creed 3Suspicions use of celebritieswhat does the cast of CSI have to do with politics suspicion that Hollywood has on politics and young voters Video presents Obama as jesus likeleader of community who provides hope and message to follow People we very offended by this video because of the portrayal The style of the video and speech is deeply Christian much like a preacher 4How the video can be a new model for god talk caution to theological dialogue and popular culture History of AdvertisingEverything has become commoditized therefore advertising becomes a strong force in our society Advertising drives our want for commodities Economic system is based on consumptionNotion of the beast who will enslave the population using a mark Discussion of fear that the end of history will involve economics Huge economic failure that will happen if people do not participate Fear of how economics play into the end times People have felt that these new need for technology and economics barcodes is a sign of the endAdvertising is about desirestimulating desire In the religious text unrequired desire is lust which is a seven deadly sin James twitchlereligion and branding Christian people we often early adaptors of the new industry of advertising Especially evangelistic community trained in the way that language can stimulate peoples desire Both advertising and Christianity are in the business of persuasion As market place is more saturated with advertising we cannot avoid advertising Marketers are turning more and more to religious insight in order to sell people more stuff
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