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SMC103Y1 Lecture Notes - Jesus Movement, Pharisees

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Gospels= matthew, mark, luke and john
Luke is one of the only gospel writers that tells u what he is doing
he tells us that hes looked at other sources about Jesus
he is not a witness
he wants to convince the reader that what he says is true
Stewart talks about how in john jesus dies at a different day from luke, Mathew nd mark
If we are sure about anything it is that Jesus was crucified under Pontius Pilate
At the top of the cross is says INRI (Jesus of Nazareth king of the jews)
Nazareth today is Israel
In the 1st cen Nazareth was in a province called Galilee; northern province was judea
these areas were occupied by roman empire
Galilee was governed by Herod Antipas(client-king)
Judea was governed by Pontius Pilate (roman governor)
Jesus was an individual who did remarkable things( acts 10:36-40)
Miracle worker and healers were common back then in the ancient times
Jesus was telling people that the world was coming to an end
the world would be turned upside down
the poor would be wealthy and the wealthy would fall
Rebels were crucified; those who scared the roman empire
Ppl were crucified because they were seen as a threat
According to the gospels Jesus called himself the Messiah
That’s why Jesus was crucified; they saw him as a threat
What makes Jesus different from others who were crucified or the miracle workers etc is that he
The disciples experience the resurrection of Jesus
Recitation means to come back to live; but Jesus was resurrected because he once he came back he left
Jesus came back with a transformed body a glorious body
Did Jesus found the Christian church
most people back then said yes but now they say no
he didn’t found it 100% but certain things he did lead to the church being founded
Jesus gathered people within the community
James of Jerusalem was known as the brother of the Lord
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