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St. Michael's College Courses
Jessy Giroux

Smc 203 mar 26  Hitler was born a catholic but was anti Christian  Idea of providence comes from bofferman o Where is god in this world?  Marxist socialism is an anti Christian philosophy o Says that world is an impersonal universe o They say god is an illusion and isn’t real; human construction and that religion is just a tool to peace, prosperity and happiness o Catholic response to Marxist/communists was prohibited  Legion of Mary founded in 1917 o Founded by Frank Duff: he didn’t think that a more secularized world would create a more harmonious world o He tried to create a better world by more holy and that to build a better world u had to make a society that is more holy  That the temptation for greed, lust etc were always there and that our good intentions aren’t good enough and that if we really want to change we need the virgin marys help and follow by her example of what she did by being holy o Promoted
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