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St. Michael's College Courses
Francesco Guardiani

Public Relations Creating an understanding for or goodwill towards a company a person or a product Edward L Bernays 1955, “is the attempt, by information, persuasion and adjustment, to engineer public support for an activity, cause, movement or institution. Father of PR 1st book on PR - Crystallizations of Public Opinion 1923 Taught 1st course How to influence masses Clients General Motors Procter + Gamble American Tobacco Company PR - You don't pay for it vs advertising You cannot control what people do with it Corporate PR Publicity Bureau - 1st publicity firm Boston 1900 Railroads opposing regulation Ivy Lee + George F Parker -New York firm Lee former journalist Represented coal industry (against workers) Lee's Declaration of Principles 1906 Work done in open Supply news about businesses and public institutions Honest and accurate Clients Pensnsylvania Railroad John Rockefeller Counterbalance to Ida Tarbell and bad press Lee's model of Corporate PR In-house PR dept. Growth --> American Telephone and Telegraph Chicago Edison -Non-profits 1904-05 Univ of Wisconsin and UPenn, Washington DC YMCA Henry Ford $50 rebate Doris Fleischman Bernays' wife Equal PR partner 1931 Leone Baxter Baxter and Whitaker, San Francisco Political PR Anne Williams Wheaton Eisenhower's associate press secretary 1957 Nike - Usain Bolt, yellow shoes Ethics 1930's press-agents Phony stories - Rita Hayworth and best-dressed contest 1939 Byoir and Associates 1961 Anti-trucking front organizations PR Society of America (PRSA) Established 1st Code of Ethics in 1954 Declaration of Principles 1959 Voluntary guidelines Financial PR Crisis PR Toyota recall - play down ..minor fault but 51 ppl gone BP oil spill Gulf of Mexico Upfront, visible Accept responsibility S
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