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LEC03 WHA IS ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS? - organizational analysis or perspective is a view - interested in the precise ways that the structure of an organization and the processes it understakes mutually influence one another in the production of media - organization o A system (network) or ordered relationships and coordinated activities directed toward specific goals - One way to get at that relationship is to analyze the communicative practices that occur within organizations. - Organization defines and effects the kinds of messages that you promote - Two aspects to any organization o Structure= form  Underlying framework of an organization  A) hierarchy; relationship of roles o Names/ titles o Financial institutions  Very definite hierarchies  B) specialization; division of an organization into units  C) formalization; formal standards  o Process= behaviour  An organization’s substance  What it does  Pg 49-51  Performance  Rituals  Narrative  Of the stories that are told about that organization o How it works o What it values  Textual  Management  Technology o Structure + process = organiza
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