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St. Michael's College Courses
Lindsey Eckert

October 25 2011Paper and FormatPaperThe sheet is the unit of organization for bibliographers not the pageSheets folded up and bound into a bookLaid paper handmade shows the marks from the paper mouldChain lines are the thicker linesWire lines are thinner lines that are closer togetherMost laid paper has a watermarkLaid paperusually talking about the HandPress PeriodHandmade paper chopping up rags letting them sit for a while dip the mess of rags into a paper mouldPaper mould see image on blackboard frame comes on and off chain lines support individual wiresAnything uneven in the paper mold will show up on the paper itself youre using liquidy fibrous paper Unique paper molds have the watermark in the direct centre of the pageSome have one watermark so it shows up on one leafSome have a watermark and a countermarkWatermarks can give you a lot of informationYou cant trust the content of the bookbut you can trust the materiality of the book the date of publication can tell you one date but the watermark may show you another dateBibliographers are concerned with materiality first content secondDeckle EdgeThe untrimmed uneven edge of a sheet of paper as it comes from the mold in papermaking by hand or from the web in papermaking by machine Williams and AbbottWove Paper
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