SMC229 Readers & Readerships - Lecture 3, Reading in the Early Medieval Period

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St. Michael's College Courses
Jessica Wolfe

SMC229H1 ReadersReaderships January 24 2012 Lecture 3Reading in the Early Medieval Periody Christian history and the history of the codex format are intertwinedearly Christians were among the first to start using codices and solidified the presence of codices in the western world Codices were useful for Christians for many reasons already discussed but particularly that it leant uniformity and consistency to the religion The codex also prompted people to feel like they had to read the entire codex whereas when scrolls were used it was more acceptable to only read bits and pieces due to the challenges of reading scrolls y Complete readingalso at play today although we have more of a sampling culture ie Few people go on facebook to read every single update in their news feed it is seen as a good thing to be wellread in classic literature movies etcy At the fall of the Roman empireearly Mediev
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