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St. Michael's College Courses
Patrick Mc Gowan

Smc313 lec 3 sep 19  Orange, green, schools in between timeline 1841-67 o Toleration o Dysfunctional government o Ultramontanism o Culture wars  **Ryerson(Methodist), Michael power(roman catholic, 1 bishop), Strachan(Anglican)  Dysfunctional assembly o Can west(Ontario) can east(quebec)  Eng prot French roman catholic  Roman catholic protestant  Irish,French,scot,greek  English, scotish, irish  65 seats 65 seats  Parallel ministry parallel ministry  George brown belonged to the clear grits o Believed in separation of church and state o Also believed in representation by population (the durham route) o He wanted to get rid of the seating he didn’t like roman Catholicism he was a Presbyterian  John a Macdonald o He was rep in the can.west o He made alliances with likeminded conservatives on the other side of the ocean (quebec) the bleus  Pius 9 he was pope from 1846-1878 o Charismatic individual o Inherited a mvnt that the papacy will never be humiliate again  The ultramontane mvnt  They looked over the mountains to where the pope was to find solutions to certain problems  Marriage, censorship, education, church sacraments, political stuff etc in all these problems we should look to the pope for the solutions and where was the pope? Over the mountains (literally)  The church was considered militant and triumphant  Where one was to be proud of their faith- there is only one true faith! And it was Catholicism o In 1850
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