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St. Michael's College Courses
Yolanda Iglesias

The Pregnant Women - She was simply awarded for her faith - Similar to the paupar's reward - In extreme situation, if you are a good person, the person would come for you - This cannot be called a crisis situation because she is not having a moral dilemma, but was simply caught in a bad natural situation - So it was simply an award - ** keep in mind that just because it is a dramatic event doesn't mean that it is a crisis situation Pilgrim Deceived by the Devil - He was being forgiven for listening to an angel for giving wrongful advice - His genitals never growing back is the consequence of his sins (like how the knights' bodies continued to be deformed despite being forgiven) The Pregnant Abbess - It is not simply an award miracle because it goes deeper - The award part is present, but there is more
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