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Lecture 8

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University of Toronto St. George
Statistical Sciences

SII199 – Lecture 8 The researchers got the sample of men by asking single men if they wanted to partake in a study about kitchen use. They were also offered a re- ward, a horse, if they took part in the research. It was not an effective form of sampling due to a variety of reasons. First of all, Second of all, in the movie, the researchers were shown to sit on an ele- vated chair in the kitchen looking over the respondents actions, which lead to observer bias, because the surveyor was affecting the actions of the re- spondent by being present in plain sight in the room. Even the fact of being present in the room, the respondents actions were changed. Thus, it was not an effective form of sampling, since it was not a naturalist observation, and the fact that the surveyor recording each move affected the behavior of the respondent, skewing the results of the study. I would utilize the data in GSS19 to compute my own variable from the ex- isting variables that would be comparable to the sa
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