Vic 240 - Humanism and Civic Humanism

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Kenneth Bartlett

Humanism Petrarch - catalyst to the movements and ideas by making them crystallized o all of humanism broke down to the assumptions of humans, values and actions on earth something in itself o application of the models of classical antiquity to the needs for the renaissance o studia humanitatis - any subject which has to do with human experience o rise of urban middle class elite, demand for secular educations, o ars dictaminis - subclass of secular people who could know Latin effectively to write letters in Latin in order to do stuff, apply for job, lay rhetoricians o as the city expanded more of these were needed o more people began to try to get into same job, subsequently there needed to be a way to judge who was good, the ones who had knowledge of classical Latin wrote better prose o looked back into classical works in order to take out words/phrases to use, subsequently they picked up on the style of classical literature o these individuals were very mobile and subsequently they spread this need for secular letter writing across Italy o Petrarch came from an environment where the classical ideal was penetrating through the classical word and focused it on something else o there was a shift in the minds of the middle class elites based on the ability to write Latin effectively o the medieval values of fleeing the world, getting rid of wealth and such, the idea that writing had a great deal to do with ecclesiastical practice shifted the momentum o the works of classical antiquity were shown to be useful and applicable to the world of Italy o the universities recognized the value of these works and subsequently taught classical works in the universities o the moral philosophy trumped theology because the classical antiquity morality were based on ethics that did not include God o sharing of common humanity with the ancients created the bridge between these two worlds o subsequently there became a naturalism in art, match what the eye sees, dug up the art of the ancients o learning of ancient Latin cultures led to an understanding of the Greek culture as Rome adopted the Greek culture for the elites o Petrarch helped give validity to the human experience through humanism o in a republic the connection between diction and speech, you determine people by what you hear them say, it all lies in the delivery o everyone who was in a guild required literacy, there needed to be a teaching for effective rhetoric o when a small number of the elite have the ability to speak well and effectively the rest of the elites needed to follow suit in order to compete o thus there was a shared vocabulary in experience where individuals would speak to each other eloquently and read classical writing o this even applied in principalities and cle
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