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Rosemary Gartner

Office Hours Professor: Monday 3-5 Katherine Maier: Holly Pelvis: Evaluation In class quizzes based solely on readings, not in depth questions but ones that can be answered if you have read the readings. 5 Multiple Choice questions. No specific statistics ideas general concepts and arguments, no link author to his work Definitions of Gender and Sex Most definitions refer to gender and sex as attributes of individuals Sex is typically seen as a biologically-based attribute with two „natural‟ categories, female and male Gender is typically seen as a socially and culturally-based attribute; a continuum with two poles, feminine and masculine NOTES ON THE VIDEO Masculinity seen as mask to shield vulnerability and hide humanity in wizard of ox, when curtain is pulled back to reveal scared timid man Socialized to believe real men are tough and strong, independent respected, and if you don‟t measure up you get called names. To keep you boxed in and to conform to the cultural expectations of real men Learned from families‟ communities and most importantly, powerful and pervasive media, which consistently shows men having to be dominant and strong This is more so for racial groups, because there are few alternate portrayals of them in media. Violence is no longer a deviation but an accepted part of masculinity, growing connection between being a man and being violent Violence is cyclical, boys abused as children grow up and batter themselves Its not anti male, it is the truth; it helps women and males because males normally abuse and assault other males. So men have a stake in dealing with these problems. Tough guise is a survival mechanism for whatever peer culture they are in, but the cost is damage to their psyches and abilities to be decent human beings. UNDERSTANDING VIOLENT MASCULINITY Cultural analysts argue to understand meaning of something look at its meaning in the media and how it is portrayed Men‟s bodies have become bigger and stronger and more rippled over the years in movies and movie remakes Size of his biceps increased yearly Gun imagery has also changed, gun poses are less imposing in the past and smaller guns, but as years pass, the pose becomes more menacing and bigger. It takes more to be considered menacing and masculine than it did in the 80s THE TOUGH GUISE Men of colour most adopt hyper masculine culture to get back some of the respect they have lost in culture. African American men all they have is respect and they must look tough, no status, systemic discrimination in education and work, what is not taken is the ability to use their bodies and their attitudes to scare people and get respect. Cool pose and tough guise has become glamourized along with urban street style. Nothing natural or inherent about masculinity so that‟s why white boys catch on because they live in a culture that tells them being respected means taking on this over masculine black poses regardless of whether or not their environment gives rise.   If masculinity is a pose where did urban blacks get the idea for their own performance? I.e. gangsta films like godfather and other films that featured tough ruthless gangsters, so white suburban boys get it from black poor urban males and the blacks get it form Italian criminals in movies  What is the effect of society of training boys to become men in this narrow and destructive way? A lot of boys are harassed and bullied by dominant male culture, and in turn find revenge by taking violence and asserting their sense of manhood that they are of denied as having Media de-genders the discussion of violence Youth h
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