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Woodsworth College Courses
Jim Davies

100713 WDW215 Lecture 5Settlement rates of mediation and adjudicationThe effects of mediation on domestic violenceFaster settlement give give giveMay exclude domestic violence from mediation Looking for how law in the books differ from law in action Direct interpersonal violence was okay a way to organize a dispute Shaming as a form of reintegration into society supernatural curesAvoidance limiting or breaking the relationshipLump it relationship between the two disputants continues when one person of the relationship does not want to pursue it because it will not help them second dimension of power Legal mobilization in the context of dispute resolution Need to initial a legal action to assert your right to not be discriminated depends on people bringing the disputeo How and why people bring disputes is important common lawAffects the development of the common law The body of law is shaped by the cases people bring social cha
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