Lecture 4 Feb 6th 2012 WDW210H1 Professor Wortley

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David Davies

What is Community PolicingWhat is so fascinating about community policing is that it is not easily amenable to a particular definition but it is clearly a highly appealing concept Friedman 1992 o Provides good public relations to say that community policing is important to them Five Interpretations of Community Policing 1 It is a philosophy focusing on the police and the public working together to influence the management and delivery of police services o Giving the local police officers the control of what they do they would know more about the local conditions than the commanders of the policeo Need to decentralize policing set priorities at the community level 2 It is a specific crime prevention program o The public should be able to tell the police which problems they want examined local residents know what the problems iso Different communities have different policing agendas 3 It is a form of increased social control netwidening o Critics term used by conservatives to get communities to inform on each other Say that there is an ulterior motive just want to gather new information 4 It is an imprecise conceptimpossible to define o Meaningless we should disregard it 5 It is a meaningless rhetorical term that includes each and every new policing initiative It is windowdressing o Everything new that comes out of the police must include community policing aspect public relationsThe 12 Principles of Community Policing in Canada by the solicitor general of Canada 1 The role of the police should be that of peace officers 2 The police should adopt a strategy of public consultation 3 The police should become proactive and identify local crime and disorder problems 4 A problemoriented police strategy should be adopted 5 The police need to tackle the underlying causes of crime 6 There should be more interagency cooperation between the police and other service delivery agencies o Work together rather than working in isolation share responsibilities with other stakeholders in the community 7 Police personnel should act as information managers who engage in interactive policing 8 Tactics should be developed to reduce fear of crime o Fear of crime is just as bad as crime 9 Police officers should be encouraged to become career generalists rather than specialists 10 There should be greater management decentralization
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