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Woodsworth College Courses
William Watson

January 10Lecture 1Introduction to Morality and the Law January1012 1402 PM Introductory Comments direct regulations and planning laws eg Muslim attaining special zoning positions in planning boardlaw provides opportunities for neighbourhood to complain allows prejudice municipal rule of unrelated adults living in a house at once eg 5 need rooming house license a family can have any amount of children so there is no overcrowding rule eg there is another purpose driving the lawthe nuclear family is privilegedexample of indirect regulation Principles of SocioLegal Studies 1 law does not have fixed boundaries and cannot be grasped statistically law as a discipline eg economics involved politicians attending law school etchow do problems become legal When does the law kick ineg youth charged but not sentencedeg medical document turns legal under certain circumstances like inheritance 2 Sociolegal Studies includes study of informal law customary law and private law eg university codes of conduct private law unwritten rules for conduct in crowded spaces informal law rules governing dress private law applies to small institutions eg like gated community residence members universities Suggested Reading Official Graffiti Hermer and Hunt Law and Society Review3 legal regulation is inherently pluralistic many systems of rules overlap divi
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