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William Watson

Lecture 3January 25January2412 140 PM Review of Last Week disappointment with the prisons themselves brings about positivism science of the criminal experimentationdata gathering scientific theories of why the prisoners have commit crimes highly deterministic criminals have something wrong with themsets in motion deterministic strand of theory social and economic interventions improving crime eg full employment rates etc after WWII rehabilitation as central punishment theory rehabilitation problem is it fair to keep person in prisonbeing rehabilitated ie think of person with leg in cast moving toward punitively focused systemremoving remissions idea that we have not been punishing people enough Sociology of Punishment attempting to understand the place of formal punishment in the social order Questionwho is in control of punishmentconnect with various other sociological questions like feminist sociology why women commit crimes what particular crimes what part does the punishment system play in the reproduction of a patriarchal society for all members of the community Some Misconceptions idea that for a sociological analysis to be compelling should reframe the phenomenon you are looking at people end up thinkingacting as if a sociological theoryinsight can somehow change our justifications of punishment egwe end up with interesting theories which are interestingthought provoking moral philosophical ideas and history Approaching
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