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WDW365Lecture 1Introduction Sept 15 2011Four Models of the Mind 1 Traditional Legal Model reflects broad concepts of the mind that were current when it emerged in time also known as prepsychological model emerged before the psychological model model is voluntaristic a form of voluntarism meaning people make choicesif we choose to commit a crime then we deserve to be punished for it because we are responsible for our choices 2 Psychological Model of the Mindincludes many strongly competing psychological theories deterministic can show why people make certain choicesif it can be explained then it cant be a choice ththpsychology emerges out of what was occurring and it emerged around 1213 century 14 century beyond introduced more sophisticated machinery mind as a complicated machine emerges eg clock idea of psychology that emerges is based on the idea that understanding the mind doesnt consist of thinking about what it feels like to have a mind but to open the mind examine its parts and how the innards make it work human beings are learning creatures and do things based on how they were programmed with conditioning Sociopolitical3 Rational Actor Model traditional legal is also a rational actor model although they are significantly different humans reason actions arent determined we make choices but misses context actions which seem wrong when described without a context can seem excusable within the context actions which seem irrational alsowhat was in the mind of the person at the time subjective psychological analysis4 Subjectification Model the mind has inner workings psychologists are wrong in that they keep thinking that science of p
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