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WDW101Y1 Lecture Notes - Casebook

Woodsworth College Courses
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David Davies

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1. Lecture WDW225 9/13/2012 3:08:00 PM
Tutorial from 8-9pm
there are quizzes (5 quizzes during term/10 minutes long/cover everything we done in
class since last quiz)- not cumulative
only 4 of them counts
first Assignment due Oct 4- summarize cases from casebook, just about how to read
legal case & summarizing it
November 22nd, give you a real case or fake case, decide from which perspective you
want to take
Final Exam3 hr exam.
Late penalty 5% per day, after 5 days, they are not taken
Grading- assigned an TA, graded anonymously, there are student name… (student name
and student colour)
Office Hour- none, send email to make appt
TA office hours- no set office hours,
Email: 24-48 hours in advance
Lecture notes before class
- 14 Queen’s Park Cresent- West side of Queen’s Park on Curb
- NO pocket criminal code------
- Pleading guilty means you relieve court the burden of proof
- Pleading non guilty means you put the burden of proof on the Crown (does not mean you
did not do it)
- cannot lie to court (defend when they’re guilty but cannot mislead the court)
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