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Anatomy and Cell Biology
Anatomy and Cell Biology 4429A
Paul Walton

Thought that proteins were intrinsically stable It was difficult to fight this belief because this man was well respected Remember Absence of evidence is not evidence of absenceit could be evidence or it could be in the inability to measure something Shoenheimer came across an experimentwas able to make tyrosine with a nitrogen attached to it If the hypothesis was correct the positive experiment would indicate that all the nitrogen excreted in the urine however this was not the case Conclusions 1 Proteins are not stable and not used as an energy sourced they are used as biological biosynthetic material 2 Not only are they used to replace existing proteins turn over but they are broken down into other amino acids He was the pioneer that there is turnover all the time in biological pathways This means there must be a compartment that is involved in this pathway or a regulated pathway in which this happens The lysosome was discovered in an experiment that went down the drain They were doing high speed centrifugation in with multicellular extractions They had a break down in their high speed centrifuge and instead they used the low speed centrifuge Since its a lower speed I have to spin for twice as long The enzyme they were looking for wasnt in the supernatant along with the mitochondria This experiment showed that there was a subcellular structure that carried on many metabolic act
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