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Anatomy and Cell Biology
Anatomy and Cell Biology 4429A
Paul Walton

Note the Great Depression and WWII Women started smoking in the 1960sMost of the mutations are harmless Some will lead to some damage Compared to this cancer is a fairly rare disease Loss of heterozygositymutated copy of an Rb At the time of chromosomal replication youve duplicated the normal and the harmless version At the end of G2 you cross over the ends of chromosomes Under those circumstances youre still a heterozygote Every time you go through a round of mitosis you could get a daughter cell that contains two bad copies of Rb In cells that are undergoing mitosis I could use the heterozygosity You need these six things to become a metastatic cancer ten years ago If you can do all of these things but cant evade apoptosis as soon as you have DNA damage the cell will die If you cant evade you cant metastasize This colon is littered with adenomas These are not cancerous yet however they have lost their ability to maintain their architecture If you get enough changes these adenomas will now become carcinomas These carcinomas will then metastasize Hyperproliferativetissues that have lost the ability to stop mitosing It isnt necessarily a linear process You need to do all of these things but not in this particular order APC is involved in Wnt signalling This is one half of an adherence junction These cadherins attach to one another and pierce the membrane and are then attached to the cytoskeleton It is a structural molecule and APC keeps the cytoskeleton attached to cadherins In cancer these ep
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