Anthropology 1025F/G Lecture Notes - Marius Barbeau, Ethnography, Thomas Robert Malthus

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Anthro intro january 7th
reality has been determined for you by the culture you were born into
behaviour, thought, speech
development of anthropological thought
Herodotus the Greek
Ibn Khadun
Arab scholar 14th century
no access to his material in the 19th century
culture is a characteristic of humans
everything in culture is interrelated
explorations, coming into contact with a people they have never seen before
16th century, responsible for the enlightenment
how to categorize people into “types”
The Enlightenment
17th-18th century
time of discover with Newton, Linnaeus etc.
based on rationality
questioning of biblical traditions after adapting rationality
Jean Jaques Rousseau vs. Thomas Hobbes
Hobbes existed and died before Rousseau
social philosophers
Hobbes – economists - the natural human being was brutish and needed government
Rousseau – study Carib Indians – natural human being was good, civilization turns them
apply scientific method to study humans
Edward Tyson
wanted to dissect humans, dug up graves in order to do so
18th century, set up classification system based on body structure
did not infer evolutionary relationships
17th-18th century, environmentalism
environment is important in the development of the human
try to step outside ethnocentrism
product of societies history, environment and current society
savagery, barbarism, civilization (Louis Henry Morgan)
mineralized animal bones and teeth
knew bones weren't from animals living then (bible said all living things were still alive)
after each catastrophe was a new creation - catastrophism
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