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Anthropology 1025F/G
Randa Farah

The Social Construction of RealityIntroductionWhy do we believe in gods magic witchcraft and spirits even when we have no proofWhy are we so certain that our beliefs are right and the beliefs of others are wrongEarly PerspectivesTylor o We turn to the supernatural to explain what we cannot understand or control o Example death dreaming sickness and misfortune o From believing in a soul to believing in a place where the soul travelled toMalinowski o We summon supernatural gods or spirits to help us influence what we cannot control in our lives o In the Trobrian Islands magicians are believed to influenced the produce in gardensDurkheim o The key to answer these questions lies in early societies which believed in the supernatural o Studied the beliefs of the Australian Aborigines especially totemismA totem is an animal plant or some celestial phenomenon that represents a particular groupThe totem was wor
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