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Anthropology 1026F/G
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Oct. 17, 2011 Look up “Kennewick Man” in text Pg. 115 Anthropology - Who has legal rights to it? Dilemma Lecture: Archaeology Methods cont’d Dendrochronology - Restricted to areas w/ trees & ages that have plants as sophisticated as trees - Able to test good years & bad years for growth – how much did it rain in 600 BCE? - Able to determine when a structure was built based on how old a well-preserved original wood beam core sample - BUT absolute date subject to whether or not beam was re-used, etc. (common in areas where trees are rare) Analysis - Looks at artifacts made of: o Stone o Ceramic o Wood o Bone o Feathers o Textile, leather - Potential for analysis depend on preservation – hence stone tools & ceramic common; they preserve well - Stone tools may date back even millions of years (stone tools earliest artifacts) - Ceramic (ie clay younger than stone) o May be decorated (moulded, painted, etc)  Gives sense of culture – dolls, drawing, stories, mythical theme, sacred stories, gods/goddesses, designs, style; gives idea of values, hobbies, change in preference over time o May also be moulded based on purpose  Colander  Water jug  Brewing  Drinking  Cooking Seriation - Tracking stylistic change w/ time Archaeo – fashionnomics - Eg. Change in popularity in various tombstone heads from 1860-1709 CE - Often “battleship curves” seen in data Oct. 17, 2011 o Gradual increase to climax in popularity, and then dies out (usually gradually) as another style becomes more popular o Reflection of change in societal values, interests, economics, religion, morals, behaviour, day-to-day activies Ethnoarchaeology - People duplicate ancient materials to see how they’re made & find out how they were used o Spears, stone tools, flint napping, hunting tools, crossbows, battl
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