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Western University
Anthropology 1027A/B
Claire Marin

Anthropology 1027A– Claire Marin – Lecture 002 Tuesday, September 24 th Notes Syllables The Syllable Monosyllabic words – sea, sit, set Disyllabic words – mission, margin, extra Trisyllabic words – marginal, elephant, Canada Any more is called multisyllabic. The Syllable Syllable Level Segment Level Asyllable: consists of a prominent or sonorous peak (usually a vowel), sometimes surrounded by consonants that decrease a sonority towards the edges. rd These pictures can be found on the 3 ppt. Liquids are r's and l's, rather their sounds. You cannot sing a fricative, affricate, or stop. The Syllable An example of the role of syllable in the description of phonological patterns: Where does the allophone [ph] of the phoneme /p/ occur in English? h [p ] occurs in syllable-initial position (of a stressed syllable) The Internal Structure of the Syllable Constituents Nucleus: (obligatory) the most sonorous segment, e.g. Vowels Onset: (optional) the consonant that precedes the nucleus. Coda: (optional) the consonant that follows the nucleus. Rhyme: (obligatory) contains the nucleus and the coda (if we have one). Algorithm for Building Syllables First thing you have to do is transcribe. 1. Group each vowel into a nucleus and assign each nucleus to a rhyme. 2. Organize the consonants to the left of a vowel as an onset (subject to language-specific restrictions). 3. Consonants that may not be syllabified as onsets are syllabified as codas. Building Syllables Note: Preference is given to syllabifying consonants as onsets rather than codas. The Onset Maximization Principle strength U
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