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Lecture 27 Part 1– Sociological Settlement Patterns

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Western University
Anthropology 2229F/G
Christopher Ellis

Lecture 27 Part 1– Sociological Settlement Patterns  Domestic Structures o 75 – 100 m 2 o Families or extended families the basic residential unit o Independence from other families  Characteristic of bands – chiefdoms o In many societies, multiple families live together  Multi-family dwellings occupied by descent groups or lineages  E.g. Iroquoian longhouses o Just because there are no multi-family dwellings doesn’t mean descent groups or lineages don’t exist in their society  E.g. Algonquian peoples o Ranked descent groups: some have greater status than other groups  Greater access to resources, etc. o Structures can give us information on ranking systems  Differences in the structures: size, special goods, elaborateness, etc.  When more important clans appear, more differences between the structures (less uniformity)  Sometimes may not be reflected in residential dwellings, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist o Largest dwelling: usually that of the leader of the society, or have a larger living space in a multi-family dwelling  E.g. Northwest Coast o Detached individual houses with multiple rooms  Rooms with different functional purposes  Don’t exist in classless societies, extremely rare  Males and females have separate working spaces within the houses  Kent Flannery and Joyce Marcus  Studying early agriculturalists in Mesoamerica, Valley of Oaxaca  Largest structures are ritual structures  22 redundant structures, houses o Bilateral structure: artifacts clustered in two different sides of the houses o Debris from stone tools, hide working, sharpeners in the south; burnishing pedals, spindle whorls for clothing, bone needles, cooking/food preparat
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