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Lecture 21 – Hohokam

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Anthropology 2231F/G
Christopher Ellis

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Lecture 21 – Hohokam  Deserts of Arizona  Major rivers: Gila and Salt River flow through the desert  Two major groups: Pima (descendents of Hohokam) and Popago  Hohokam: meaning those who vanished, or completely used up  More elaborate pottery, larger sites are general population trends, but Hohokam have always been very distinctive from the Anasazi  Disappeared around 1400 AD  Differences from Anasazi: o 1. Pottery  Never used coiled pottery, modeled clay into shape  Did use slips like the Anasazi  Covered the pottery with painted geometric designs, very elaborate  Colour of paints are usually red, different from black used by Anasazi  Did adopt black-on-white, adopted from Anasazi o 2. Didn’t built pueblos as living structures  Usually individual family houses  300-700 AD: houses small, family sized, rectangular, not true pithouses (shallow pits, not deep pits like Anasazi houses)  Have a sloping ramp to go into the houses  Made in similar ways with jacal  To switch to pithouses more like those of the Anasazi from 700-1200 AD  Small, squarish to begin with  Do not have the si
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