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Lecture 29 – Northwest Coast- Middle Pacific Period

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Western University
Anthropology 2231F/G
Christopher Ellis

Lecture 28 Part 2– Northwest Coast: Middle Pacific Period  Middle Pacific 1,800 BC – 200/500 AD o Houses, sedentism, permanent villages  Rectangular plank houses  Physical evidence of social inequality  Widespread use, still some pithouses o Social inequality  Prestige goods such as copper  Households competed for members to accomplish tasks (hunting, etc.) which drew in more people  Demand for workers inspired warfare and raiding for slaves o Storage-based economy o Warfare  Usually naval warfare  Boats made out of a single tree  Often to protect status or revenge for loss of status, or chief indebted to another and didn’t pay him back o Social stratification  3,000 years ago there was definitely social stratification  Slavery apparent, existed historically  Chiefs owned more slaves than others, most often war captives o Boats, boxes, tackle (toggling harpoon heads, net weights) o Paul Mason Site: 1,450-950 BC  Seasonally occupied  Late Pacific 200/500 – 1775 AD o More bones and antler tools  Almost complete replacement of chip stone tools o Increase in house sizes 
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