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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 – Historical Overview of Forensic Science

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Western University
Anthropology 2235A/B
Eldon Molto

Lecture 2Historical Overview of Forensic ScienceRelatively new as a formal disciplineForensic science owes it origins to the first individuals who developed the principles and techniques needed to identify and compare physical evidenceHistorical divisions used in this course are somewhat arbitrary but it is a means to try and organize the forensic individuation dataCan be an excellent researcher but a poor forensic scientistHistorical Development o A Speculative Antiquity1806Called speculative since there was vague utilization on how biological characteristics could be used to individuateEarly nonliterate populations likely used individuation methods but these are lost in timeFirst attempt was an individuation from a sickle in ancient China 300 BCFirst type trait used in individuation was fingerprintsMany examples of direct and indirect attempts at individuation but there was no formal recognition of the fieldEvidence of miscarriage of justice and the first book written on the impact of wrongful convictions was written in 1803 o B Formative 18071947
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