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Case Study: Collagen

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Biochemistry 2280A
Eric Ball

Case Study CollagenWe have a great deal of collagen25 of proteins is collagen in animals It is extracellular outside cell and forms strong sheets Form weblike structurestake on slightly different forms depending where they are in the body Strengthen and connect tissues together Huge family114 and they all slightly vary in amino acids Their characteristic structure is a triple helix The main source of commercial gelatin denatured collagen is pig skin Fibroblast cells make collagencollagen fibers look like strong robescut one open cross section and looking at the end of it you would see a bunch of dots These are bundles of little fribilsReason for the pattern collagen molecule is a triple helixthey do not line up perfectly they stager themselves When they stack up together get gaps where there is a lack of signalwhere there are stacks in the same place theres a dark line Collagen fibers are stripped and this is why Fibrils root together to form a collagen fiber What makes up a fibiril A bunch of triple helicessmall piece of a collagen fibril Within the one fibril are helices looks like a rodcollagen moleculeton of these in therecut it down to molecular leveltriple helix Unique structurehas a lot of proline kin
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